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Goals for this page:

  • 1. Give you a sense of who I am and how i do business
  • 2. Demonstrate how I’m very different from other loan officers
  • 3. Get you to at least crack a bit of a smile at my “fun quirkiness”
  • 4. Persuade you to reach out so we can chat and figure out how I can help!

I’m So
Glad You’re

My name is Erik Kinsley and I’m thrilled to have you here today! I specialize in helping Temecula Valley area locals solve their mortgage loans need without usual hassles, stress and frustration.

In other words, I’m a professional problem-solver, and now I’m at your disposal to put my 22 years experience to work solving your biggest challenges.So, what shall we solve today?

Why yes I can

Me solving your mortgage problems

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The awesome people I've Helped

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Our Services Sometimes I'm Accused Of Being A Perfectionist When It Comes To Getting Loans Structured...
But This Works To Yours Benefit, As No Matter What Your Home Loan Needs, I Get Things Right The First Time!

Buying A Home

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Refinance 101

Everything you should know about refinancing your home in St. Louis

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Help With Debt

Need relief from crushing debt? Start here!

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Do I Qualify?

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Keep Learning

  • What Loan type is best for me?
  • Is there realy such a thing as $0 down?
  • Is a fixed rate better than an adjustable?
  • What if I have bad credit? Can i still get a loan?
  • What are the tax benefits of owning a home?
  • Are closing costs tax deductible?
  • What’s better? A mortgage broker, or banker?
  • Whay are you so much cooler than other loan officers?

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  • Erik Kinsley
  • Phone : 951-970-5034
  • Address: 28693 Old Town Front Street Suite #300-G
  • Address: Temecula, California 92590

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